Blockchain Ecosystems

Our services and expertise will help you create new opportunities

RVA is a development company of blockchain solutions for cryptocurrency and ICO launches, crypto wallets development, decentralized applications and smart contracts.

Our core value is a team of specialists who set ambitious goals, constantly evolving and creating products that change the world today and tomorrow.

RVA's experience in developing blockchain crypto ecosystems helps clients save time and get the desired result at the highest technical level.

Why would a business need blockchain solutions?

Blockchain-based applications and services provide high data security through data encryption technology.
Transactions are performed without third-party involvement, so users can be confident in the authenticity of data.
Basic smart contracts help automate all processes, eliminating the need for escrow or manual paperwork.
Data backup
Blockchain technology allows data to be written in blocks that are tamper-proof.

The RVA team can help you implement a blockchain ecosystem

That improves your business structure and provides scalable and cost-effective operations. It helps manage multiple processes as well as protect the flow of information.

Our technology

Web services - (Vue/React JS + Symfony/Laravel)

Flutter (Dart)

Solidity smart contracts

AWS, Azure

Postgesql, nginx

Self-hosted VPN

Webpack, Babel

BloC architecture

Postman, SoapUI

Jmeter testing

Selenium Web

List of blockchain ecosystem we work with












Blockchain ecosystem services at RVA

The RVA team uses advanced technologies and methodologies to develop many services that create an efficient blockchain ecosystem.

The ones are among the most important components of the blockchain ecosystem; allow you to send and receive cryptocurrency, store and manage digital assets.
We create highly secure smart contracts that effectively automate processes and protect user data.
ICO launch
We develop promising token launch platforms where startups can raise funds to grow and scale.

How does the RVA team work?

Identifying the client's goals and needs

Market analysis

Concept and strategy development

Designing the technical architecture of the project

Interface design development

Technical component implementation


Deployment and further support

Why do clients choose RVA for blockchain development?

During its work, RVA team has implemented 100+ software projects for clients from all over the world. By choosing RVA, a client chooses quality and results focus. As a result, they get a functional blockchain project that can be scaled and developed.


We implement quality technical solutions, saving time on the way to the desired result. We help to avoid losses due to the high technical level of specialists.

The team of experts

Talented specialists in the following technologies work in our team:
Back-end — PHP (Laravel, Yii, Symfony), Node.js, Solidity, Python
Front-end — JavaScript (Angular.js, Vue.js, React.js)
Mobile development — Flutter (cross-platform Dart)
In addition, our team includes QA engineers, graphic, web, and UI/UX designers, project managers.

Individual approach

We listen and hear the client and all his wishes, selecting a unique solution for each individual request.

Transparent processes

Constant communication with the client, providing reports on the work performed, and continuous communication to achieve the desired results.

Comprehensive approach

We comprehensively design and develop the project, ensuring the successful launch of the product on the market.

In working with clients, we clearly adhere to our mission and vision, which helps us not only to implement solutions, but also to make the client's project a market leader.

RVA's vision

We follow the leading technical trends in the world and create our own. We know how to listen and hear. We provide unique business solutions of any level of complexity individually for each client.
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circleIcon1Product outsourcing
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RVA mission

To turn a client's idea into a reality at the highest technical level as well as to make his project a leading one among many other international startups.
  • 70+
    Team members
  • 10+
    Fintech projects
  • 5+
    Blockchain startups
  • 5+
    Years of experience in fintech development field

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