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Hiring professional developers and other specialists will no longer be as difficult. Entrust this to RVA's IT outstaffing company.

The RVA team will help expand your ability to implement a new project by providing developers, designers, QA engineers and other necessary specialists. We focus on short and long-term partnerships and guarantee the best service that adapts to market innovations.

Our experts will support your project at all stages and apply all expertise to make it a market leader. We conduct a thorough screening process to add only the best talent to your on-site team.

Why would businesses need IT outstaffing?

Outstaffing means highly skilled employees who work exclusively for you as an extension of your in-house development team.

Cost optimization

Launching a technology project requires the company to hire highly skilled professionals, which are in short supply right now. It is stated that services of freelance professionals are expensive even without taking into account calculating the cost of hiring and recruiting campaigns. The IT outstaffing model allows you to reduce expenses on search, hiring, and maintenance of many specialists.

Getting talented specialists

IT outstaffing companies have a wide range of IT talent, from software engineers to application and website developers. Because of this, most outstaffing companies with highly qualified personnel always make a project a success.

Control over the development process

IT outstaffing involves hiring dedicated professionals who work as an extension of your development team. This gives you complete control over the development, project, and staff. It also allows you to manage team selection and effectively select the best team.

Getting the product to market quickly

Outstaffing helps accelerate your product to a competitive market by hiring your project team and the outstaffing company's specialists quickly and efficiently.

Diversity of knowledge and technology

IT outstaffing companies have a large pool of specialists who know different programming languages and technologies. This saves you from any limitations in project development capabilities.

RVA IT outstaffing models

Empower your internal team and increase your technical expertise with RVA IT Outstaffing Models.

Partial Outstaffing

Provide specialists to work on one of your products. The selected specialist will work as part of your internal team.

Dedicated team

We provide a dedicated team of experts, who work on your project and report to you.


The IT Outstaffing team takes full control of the development at all stages of project development and works based on your requirements and business needs. Reporting is provided to the client based on the results of all work.

RVA Outstaffing team

At RVA you can get any specialists you need, the only difference is that they work from our offices, so you can reduce the cost of premises and staff.

Web developers

Get qualified temporary and in-house programmers to work exclusively on your project.

QA engineers

Quality supervision as well as performance check of the software will be provided by qualified professionals with 5+ years of experience.

UI/UX designers

Get creative designers who will develop a prototype and release-ready design project with all the thoughtful elements and user-friendly interface.

Mobile developers

Mobile app development will be handled by developers who have the necessary technology stack to create cross-platform and functional solutions.

DevOps engineers

RVA DevOps engineers will make your development process stable and reliable using automation, continuous testing and advanced planning.

Blockchain Developers

Get blockchain developers who have expertise in cryptography, smart contract creation, blockchain architecture.

Our technologies

Web developers









QA engineers





Spec Flow


UI/UX designers




After Effects


Adobe XD


Mind Meister

Mobile developers




React Native






DevOps engineers







MS Azure


Stages of IT Outstaffing at RVA

While working with clients in any service, we take a comprehensive and thoughtful approach with a thorough analysis of the client's requirements and goals.

Collection of customer requirements

We learn the client's goals and requirements in detail to develop the most appropriate strategy and ensure a perfect fit for your project.

Candidate Search

RVA Talent searchers in the talent pool match resumes of potential candidates who can meet your needs. Rigorous screening process takes place next and the client receives professionals with the necessary experience and skills.


After selecting the most suitable candidates, we invite the client to an interview with specialists. You can ask any questions and tell the candidates about project details.

Technical development

Developers code the application and its server part, set up the optimization and maintenance of the solution.

Signing an agreement

After candidate's selection and hiring confirmation, we prepare an agreement, in which cooperation conditions are set forth. After agreement, offers are sent to selected specialists.

Project start

After signing the contract and discussing all the details, you can start implementing the project. The client can manage the hired team at his discretion and according to his rules. At the same time we promise to pay attention to your project and if there are some problems we will solve them fast.

Why would clients choose RVA IT outstaffing models?

RVA IT Outstaffing teams help clients to achieve their business goals and make their product the market leader.

Focus on your project

Selected professionals work exclusively on your project without distraction to other tasks. The team has a stable structure tailored to your needs.

The team of experts

Talented specialists in the following technologies work in our team:
Back-end — PHP (Laravel, Yii, Symfony), Node.js, Solidity, Python
Front-end — JavaScript (Angular.js, Vue.js, React.js)
Mobile development — Flutter (cross-platform Dart)
In addition, our team includes QA engineers, graphic, web, and UI/UX designers, project managers.

Individual approach

We listen and hear the client and all his wishes, selecting a unique solution for each individual request.

Flexibility in the work

When you hire RVA's IT Outstaffing team, you gain flexibility to make decisions and change requirements depending on the circumstances of your project.

Communication support

The selected team is always in touch and ready for any working discussions or changes. You can choose any convenient tool to support daily communication.

In working with clients, we clearly adhere to our mission and vision, which helps us not only to implement solutions, but also to make the client's project a market leader.

RVA's vision

We follow the leading technical trends in the world and create our own. We know how to listen and hear. We provide unique business solutions of any level of complexity individually for each client.
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RVA mission

To turn a client's idea into a reality at the highest technical level as well as to make his project a leading one among many other international startups.
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