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Our cross-platform mobile solutions help you reach your target audience

Would like to develop, scale and reach new business goals with a technology-driven mobile app? The RVA team develops cross-platform mobile apps that allow you to engage new audiences and stay in touch with your users at all times.

For 5+ years, RVA team implements high quality technical solutions, saves time on the way to the desired result and helps to avoid losses due to the high technical level of specialists. Our experience helps customers make product decisions that provide the best results for their business.

Why would your business need a cross-platform mobile app?

In today's world, it's important for businesses to have not only a website, but also an additional tool that makes customer interaction easier. Taking into account that most people use smartphones in their work and daily lives, developing cross-platform apps is a great business advancement tool.

Improved user experience

An intuitive app improves the user experience when interacting with a business and increases the likelihood of ordering a service again.

Improved customer interaction

Mobile app platforms create a direct interaction channel between the business and the customer, simplifying communication.

Understanding your target audience

Mobile development helps you get information about user behavior, time spent, areas interacted with most or least often. Analysis of this data will help you better understand your users and their preferences.

Increase customer loyalty

Cross-platforms increase customer loyalty through a variety of ways to interact with the service.

Follow trends

Technology is actively developing and companies that follow technological trends not only offer quality services, but also always remain relevant.


In the digital world, a mobile platform gives your business a significant advantage. It satisfies consumer need for speed and convenience better than other traditional digital channels.

RVA mobile app development areas

In our 5+ years of experience, the RVA team has developed mobile platforms for various areas, but the most frequent have been fintech and crypto industries.


We develop fintech applications for financial management, credit services, digital wallets, and mobile banking. When creating mobile fintech platforms, we ensure maximum data security through various authentication methods. We also create maximum usability by setting up payment automation and data analytics systems.

Crypto industry

Active development of cryptocurrencies influenced the emergence of various centralized and decentralized solutions for working with digital assets. RVA's experience helps us to develop highly secured applications for cryptocurrency wallets, DEX and CEX exchanges, launchpad platforms.

Our technology

Back-end — PHP (Laravel, Yii, Symfony), Node.js, Solidity, Python.

Front-end — JavaScript (Angular.js, Vue.js, React.js).

Mobile development — Flutter (cross-platform Dart).

RVA's approach to mobile application development

We have experience in developing cross-platform applications for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Clients choose to work with us to achieve ambitious goals and fulfill technical tasks in mobile applications at a high level.
And to help them in this, the RVA team uses an approach built on continuous communication and the ability to listen and hear the client.

Creation of a UI/UX design prototype

The team of designers creates a layout of the app, determining the optimal location of all interface elements and colors, graphics, and a suitable font. The application is initially designed to be cross-platform for different types of devices.

Development of a mobile application

Once the prototype is approved, the development team begins implementing the functionality, coding the app, and establishing its connection to the server.

Identifying the client's needs and goals

Upon receipt of a client's request, we conduct a thorough analysis, study the needs and propose a solution that fully meets the goals. After that we plan the stages of work, select a stack of technologies and agree with the client.


After the end of the development, the QA team checks the application, detects errors, and gives them to the developers to fix.

Planning the work on the application creation

After identifying the purposes, we plan stages of work, orient the terms, choose the stack of technologies and coordinate them with the client.

Creation of the requirements specification

At this stage together with the client we define the functionality of the application, its target audience as well as the problems which the application can help to solve.

Launch of the application and its further support

When ready, the team releases the mobile application to all the supported platforms and regularly monitors its performance.

Why would clients choose RVA for mobile application development?

RVA's innovative cross-platform mobile solutions help clients reach their target audience and expand their capabilities in achieving new goals and business benefits.

High security standards

When developing mobile apps for the cryptocurrency and fintech industries, it is very important to ensure a high level of security. Developers ensure that the app is resistant to fraud, data leakage and hacking. Passwords and payment information are secure.

Cross-platform applications

The RVA team has the skills and experience to create products that run on a wide variety of operating systems and device types.

Individual approach

We listen and hear the client and all his wishes, selecting a unique solution for each individual request.

The team of experts

Talented specialists in the following technologies work in our team:
Back-end — PHP (Laravel, Yii, Symfony), Node.js, Solidity, Python
Front-end — JavaScript (Angular.js, Vue.js, React.js)
Mobile development — Flutter (cross-platform Dart)
In addition, our team includes QA engineers, graphic, web, and UI/UX designers, project managers.

Complex approach

We provide the full cycle of mobile application development, from goal negotiation to implementation and bringing the product to market. We work for the result and create solutions which provide a positive user experience.

In working with clients, we clearly adhere to our mission and vision, which helps us not only to implement solutions, but also to make the client's project a market leader.

RVA's vision

We follow the leading technical trends in the world and create our own. We know how to listen and hear. We provide unique business solutions of any level of complexity individually for each client.
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RVA mission

To turn a client's idea into a reality at the highest technical level as well as to make his project a leading one among many other international startups.
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