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RVA provides high-quality web application development

RVA is a developer of business-oriented web applications. We are building apps from scratch and provide high quality web application development using advanced technologies and proven methodologies to achieve client's business goals and objectives.

Our team of qualified technical developers and managers help the client at every stage of product development. The main goal of RVA is to turn a client's idea into an effective web application on the highest technical level.

Why would your business need web app development?

Advanced technology application and website development will help businesses to create innovation and stand out among competitors.


Website application development is fast and cost-effective compared to building native applications. Creating such a solution helps speed up the process of getting your product to market and scaling your business.

Customer Loyalty

Web applications are cross-platform and can be adapted to work in any operating system, as well as provide a high speed of response.

Creating a brand image

With a quality web app you can increase brand awareness in the online space and communicate the mission of the product to users.


Web apps are created on servers with constant monitoring and management by administrators. This helps to identify any potential vulnerabilities and prevent them.

High performance

Web apps run faster than native apps and provide better performance. And it's the speed of the web app that directly affects the sales rate and user retention.

Types of web applications that RVA develops

RVA provides high-quality web application development for different services and clients all over the world. Our experience lets us develop any types of web applications according to your wishes and goals.

Static web applications
We develop simple, user-friendly and resource-intensive static applications that ensure smooth operation.
Dynamic web applications
We create applications with interactive elements and functions to attract new users. The developed solutions interact with the client and generate real-time data based on user requests.
CMS web applications
Our specialists have impressive experience in developing effective content management systems in a user-friendly and simple interface.
Single-Page Applications
We develop efficient and fast one-page applications that respond instantly to user requests.
Multi-page applications
We create functional MPA using such programming languages as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery. Developed applications can be scaled without limitation in the number of pages.

Our technologies

Web services(Vue/React JS + Symfony/Laravel)

Webpack, Babel

Solidity smart contracts

Postman, SoapUI

AWS, Azure

Jmeter testing

Postgresql, nginx

Selenium Web

Self-hosted VPN

BloC architecture

RVA approach to web application development

The RVA team offers the customers a complex and individual approach with the clear determination of the goals and the quality realization of the product. Our approach to work with clients and to product development helps provide the assistance properly.

Identification of client needs

We analyze client's request, define the problem to be solved by web-application development. After that, we analyze the competitors and offer the client effective solutions.

Technical designing

We plan the architecture of the project, choose the stack of technologies and the type of web-application for realization. We present the plan to the client and agree on further actions.

Web application prototype design

The team of designers develops the UI/UX design of the site, thinks over the navigation and interface elements. The main goal is to make an intuitive and user-friendly application.

Technical development

Developers code the application and its server part, set up the optimization and maintenance of the solution.

Testing and bug fixing

Once the application development is completed, QA engineers test its functionality. The detected errors are handed over to the development team for bug fixes and functionality improvement.

Deployment and further support

The prepared web application is placed on the client server and becomes available to users. After the release, our team monitors the updating of the application and technically supports the project.

Why would clients choose RVA for web applications development?

More than 5 years of experience in developing web applications allows us to help our clients to find unique solutions by using innovative and advanced technologies.

Comprehensive approach

Provide full quality control cycle of web applications development with thorough testing, troubleshooting, and prevention of possible bugs.

The team of experts

Talented specialists in the following technologies work in our team:
Back-end — PHP (Laravel, Yii, Symfony), Node.js, Solidity, Python
Front-end — JavaScript (Angular.js, Vue.js, React.js)
Mobile development — Flutter (cross-platform Dart)
In addition, our team includes QA engineers, graphic, web, and UI/UX designers, project managers.

Individual approach

We listen and hear the client and all his wishes, selecting a unique solution for each individual request.

Clear planning

We study in details the client's goals and needs, clearly planning time and agreeing activities with the client.

Scaling and development of the project

We develop a customized strategy for building a web application that ensures growth and performance for a successful business.

In working with clients, we clearly adhere to our mission and vision, which helps us not only to implement solutions, but also to make the client's project a market leader.

RVA's vision

We follow the leading technical trends in the world and create our own. We know how to listen and hear. We provide unique business solutions of any level of complexity individually for each client.
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RVA mission

To turn a client's idea into a reality at the highest technical level as well as to make his project a leading one among many other international startups.
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